Moka coffee maker


Moka Italiana Tradizionale con Protezione Antiscottatura

Caratteristiche Principali:

  • Funzione: Dotata di una maniglia in plastica antiscottatura per garantire praticità e sicurezza durante l’uso, evitando scottature.
  • Materiale: Realizzata in acciaio inossidabile di alta qualità per garantire durata e resistenza nel tempo.
  • Capacità e Stili Disponibili:
    • Sezione A: “Pancia Grande” disponibile nelle capacità di 100ML, 200ML, 300ML, 450ML.
    • Sezione B: “Pancia Dritta” disponibile nelle capacità di 100ML, 200ML, 300ML, 450ML.
  • Dimensioni: 85 × 85 × 148 cm
  • Peso: 0.28 kg


La nostra Moka Italiana Tradizionale con Protezione Antiscottatura unisce l’autenticità del caffè italiano alla praticità moderna. Realizzata in acciaio inossidabile, questa moka è progettata per durare nel tempo, mantenendo inalterato il gusto del vero caffè italiano. La maniglia in plastica antiscottatura assicura una presa sicura e confortevole, permettendovi di gustare il vostro caffè senza preoccupazioni.

Scegliete tra la “Pancia Grande” per un caffè più corposo o la “Pancia Dritta” per un sapore più equilibrato. Disponibile in varie capacità, la nostra Moka Italiana è perfetta per ogni occasione, che siate da soli o in compagnia di amici e famiglia.

Istruzioni per l’Uso:

  1. Riempire la base con acqua fino al livello della valvola di sicurezza.
  2. Inserire il filtro e riempirlo con caffè macinato fino alla linea guida.
  3. Avvitare saldamente la parte superiore alla base.
  4. Posizionare la moka sul fornello a fiamma bassa.
  5. Attendere che il caffè salga nella camera superiore.
  6. Rimuovere dal fuoco non appena il caffè smette di eruttare.
  7. Servire e gustare.

Consigli per la Manutenzione:

Per mantenere la vostra Moka Italiana in ottime condizioni, si consiglia di lavarla a mano con acqua calda e asciugarla accuratamente dopo ogni utilizzo. Evitare l’uso di detergenti aggressivi o l’immersione in acqua per lunghi periodi


Peso 0.28 kg
Dimensioni 85 × 85 × 148 cm

100ML, 200ML, 300ML, 450ML


A, B

52 recensioni per Moka coffee maker

  1. A***v

    Packing Mint, the lid does not close to the end.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  2. S***o

    It didn't come sad

  3. K***i

    Very good product, how your description, shipping to Spain Madrid 3 months

  4. F***z

    I couldn't prove it because the 200 ml one doesn't recognize induction, a small diameter.

  5. S***n

    Cheap and bad. Very bad quality. Bottom metal is very thin. When it's getting hot the bottom of a pot incurve and bulge. Coffee pot just swing on stove. Work very bad on induction cooker. Strongly NOT recommend to buy it.

  6. K***v

    The item is good, but came with defects and in a mint box.

  7. V***a

    Low quality product! The order came in two weeks. The package was simply distributed-the box was torn and biscuit. The coffee maker itself was packed in a simple package without protective packaging. There are scratches on the product. The lid of the product is laid (its attachment bent) and unevenly lays to the coffee maker, the handle is twisted! The seller will open a dispute!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  8. S***a

    Delivery fast, packing all Mint, the kettle itself is not damaged.
    no remarkno remark

  9. L***l

    The package came in safe, but the Mint box. When I tried to make coffee, it was horrible. First, when the coffee began to brew the coffee maker began to bounce, shake and make sounds as if something would explode. (Although I did everything according to the instructions) second later noticed that the walls are thickened Ooo very thin, possibly because of this it happens or the valve does not work. (In the photo you can compare another coffee maker and its wall thickness) The third lid is not even located (In the photo) The result: his money is not worth it, Zarya spent money, the price per second is almost 1000 rubles. I'm sorry about buying.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  10. R***

    A big thank you for your efforts.

  11. G***G

    Write only one day, coffee is not well busin…

  12. A***v

    The goods never received, the seller returned the money.

  13. A***.

    Not come

  14. L***l

    Returned part of the amount, but coffee maker without need, not suitable for induction

  15. A***v

    I liked the coffee maker. It was true, for a very long time.

  16. T***a

    Looks great! I really liked to cook coffee. Size on the 2nd full mugs!

  17. N***v

    The seller did not send the goods, extended the protection of the order, the money was returned through the dispute. I am not pleased with this cooperation, although the purchase was more expensive without problems.

  18. N***p

    All as in the description

  19. V***v

    Great thing. I'm taking the third.

  20. V***v

    Everything is fine except that when the bottom is boiling, the Puz becomes! the cotton is strong! scares
    no remarkno remark

  21. D***v

    Order did not come!

  22. L***a

    The coffee maker turned out to be more flimsy, let's see on the case. While cooked only once, its function performs

  23. L***a

    All well I use a week

  24. C***y

    Looks good but have not used it yet. Delivery took long time but understandable due to Covid 19

  25. A***v

    Packing is terrible. Here comes the crumpled, the coffee maker itself. Coffee is not bad, on the gas stove is cooked in 5 minutes. The only thing that did not like is the weak loop of the lid.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  26. V***v

    Packing norms, the best thing I have in the morning.

  27. A***v

    мда,крайне среднее качество.коробка вся убитая,но это малая половина проблемы.
    зазоры . кофеварку не открутить.
    верхняя крышка с довольно выраженной девиаций.ручка шатается.не рекомендую.ей не возможно пользоваться.
    тело кофеварки накручено не симметрично.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  28. M***n

    Very good product for a great price. Waiting is worth it but hope stupid trade disputes stop.

  29. C***s

    Product did not reach destination, was returned to customs, seller returned a lower percentage to me as requested by me.

  30. M***v

    Cool volcano

  31. V***v

    Sent quickly, coffee brewed. But the packaging was in the rubbish, like this Samovarchik did not suffer, surprisingly.

  32. A***n

    Steel is thin and so norms, in India bought better quality.
    no remark

  33. A***v

    The packaging of course was not in the best condition, to put it mildly. But the goods are good for their money. A little tight twists the truth, but the main function performs, coffee is cooked. Goods satisfied

  34. D***n

    I'll add a review as I try in the case!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  35. J***z

    todo ok

  36. D***o

    I put only 3 stars because the box comes all messed up
    no remarkno remark

  37. A***v

    Сколько раз уже говорили о плохой упаковке. Коробка вся мятая.В результате изогнуто крепление крышки,надеюсь смогу поправить.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  38. B***r

    looks good, gast delivery. now testing it.

  39. A***

    Кофеварка пришла за 13 дней до Волгограда! Продавцом доволен! Но пришла в помятой упаковки с погнутой крышкой (почта России), пришло выгибать плоскогубцами. Самой кофеваркой очень доволен уже не первая!!!

  40. M***n

    Доставка очень долгая, 2 месяца. Купил точно такой же кофейник в ДНС из наличия, по той же цене. Кофе из кофемашины намного вкуснее. Это так, когда нет выбора. По вкусу как растворимый. Через месяц использования нижняя чашка вся в нагаре и внутри и снаружи + запах гари не отмывается.

  41. E***v

    Кофе варит. Вкус хороший. Не кладите кофе больше половины ёмкости, иначе вздувается дно и срабатывает защитный клапан. На индукционной печке выбирать режим 90 градусов по Цельсию.
    no remarkno remark

  42. I***k

    упаковка помята, кофеварка целая, блестящая, варит отличный кофе, рекомендуем.

  43. V***v

    На просторах России долго блуждала посылка.Но пришла.Уже вкушаю кофе.

  44. U***r

    Рекомендую. Товар хороший. Продавец отличный.

  45. N***n

    Came in a crumpled box. It's not a whole thing. Works on an induction cooker. When boiling, the steam will first be snorted, then the coffee goes. of the shortcomings at the kipenniya emits the bottom. There is the same only less so with a small coffee immediately goes, and dnoina pushes out.

  46. Y***V

    Everything suits! Crumpled box it is clear) but the goods are whole! Thank you!

  47. R***r

    The parcel came faster than I expected. The packaging is a little crumpled, and so everything is intact.

  48. E***v

    It's No good for induction. The fast shipment even though the box arrived quite damaged.

  49. E***n

    All at the proper level: delivery and goods according to the description!

  50. M***s

    The cover is not closing well, but with a little adapting it , it closes again

  51. N***r

    She was young.

  52. K***z

    Box was mashed but goods were good

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